going to see the beach…um beachys

The BeachysGreat friends of ours are coming to visit this weekend! Ryan and Rebecca Beachy are college buddies and are home on furlough from their missions abode of Papua New Guinea. Ryan and Rebecca fell in love on a missions trip, got married, signed up for missions life together through New Tribes Missions and had an amazingly energetic baby boy named Caleb. Rebecca was one of my teammates on a traveling singing team…yeah, I did that, and no, we didn’t wear star-studded dresses. Rebecca is the one who brought me out of my doggy-paddling demise when she took me to Clearwater beach to teach me how to swim laps. Her energy is astounding, her mission is clear, her compassion is contagious and her strength, well, it’s supernatural!  It’s been almost two years since we’ve seen them last, so needless to say, I’m psyched!


One thought on “going to see the beach…um beachys

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