not too bad for a wolbi grad

a reunion of sortsHaving college buddies in town really makes me put on my reminiscing hat…which can be a challenge, b/c I admittedly have the memory of a goldfish [or a warthog for Jancy]. Anyway, as we talked about our lives a whopping 8 years ago, I could smell the “dorms” i.e. cabins, hear the Dephue’s gregarious laugh, feel the legalistic ropes wrapping tighter and tighter around my neck, and see the spectacular sunset from Hudson Beach…I remember what an amazing year it truly was! It began in August 1998 and ended July of 1999. The year was full of hard core Bible training. My friend Meg called it “Bible Boot Camp”…and I completely agree. They worked very aggressively to create the ideal foundation spiritually, socially and academically. Even though I’d have to say that it wasn’t my favorite year of college, I did meet my wonderful hubby there; I created some life-long friendships, and some killer memories…thanks Harry!  I do believe they accomplished their task of creating a great foundation for my later years in college, grad school, ministry and life.


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