my bleak obsession

dominos black book

While few of my friends know how absolutely infatuated I am w/ the design world…you’d probably never be able to recognize this at first glance…seeing that I rarely hold the static neutrality of a designer, but I do, I do love that world…I swim in the cesspool of design often.

 One of my most beloved resources for my infatuation with this said world is the recently produced Domino magazine. Their launching issue was in May of 2005, and I’ve been and avid devoted reader ever since. I rss their blog, subscribe to their magazine and hold their “do’s and do not’s” as my sub-commandments of living.This month’s publication focuses on their black book of decorating…from color pallets to international shopping, they truly fulfill their mission statement:

Equally authoritative as it is witty in tone, DOMINO acts as design consultant, personal shopper and friend. It’s an experience — not just a magazine — that’s inclusive, happy and always current. DOMINO gives readers the freedom, confidence and options to bring their unique style home.

A blogs intention is to bring a little of me to the little of you who actually care. As much as the Bible, marriage, ministry and Mark are a part of my life…design is a snid-bit as well.

Therefore, as narcissistic and narrow-minded as most blogs are…I’m cluing you into the me, myself and I of this here said blog.

Why is Domino so good, you ask…here are some pics from their online gallery…look and see, then you tell me.

 bold bathroom

eco friendly

khaki & tangerine


small spaces

tradition with a twist


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