if i was a room…

One of my frequently visited blogs posted this blog entitled If I was a room. I found this intriguing and decided to go on an adventure to find my said room…here are some of my conceptual brainchildren…

by hgtv

“for as great as it looks…it’s still crappy” 

by living at home

“openly energetic…generating joy with color” 

by elle decor

“I’ve got everything together right now…so, don’t touch a thing” 

by belle magazine

“no need for all the details…let’s go zen” 

by darren henault interiors

“a daring and rugged movement” 

by domino magazine

“keeping it sane and tranquil…a moment of rest” 

And after just moments of looking, I found it…I found my room, a room with a personality demise…partially organized, partially scattered, patterns and solids, textures galore, largely light with the beautiful contrast of dark and bright beautifully integrated to create one eclectically juicy room…if I was a room, this here is what I’d be:

by wish magazine


2 thoughts on “if i was a room…

  1. I have to say that this room is defiantly you. Great burst of color/energy from morning till night. Although I do have to say that the shoes sticking out of the bottom of the bed, seems a bit dangerous. Knowing me I would trip on them in the middle of the night, On my way to the fridge for that piece of cake for my “Cant figure out why my pants feel smaller” side. Love you and miss you bunches!!

  2. oh, I too feel the danger of the shoes…and that too can fit into this allegory of my life. Danger dressed in stilletos. That’s for my “oh, I wish I was cat woman, side”…
    love you and miss you too, sweet thang!

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