this never-ending search for the quintessential utopia…home

   Psalm 90.1 NLT 
Lord, through all the generations
      you have been our home!

I’m not sure if you’re like me, but everywhere Mark and I go, be it a hotel room, cabin, guest room, bedroom or living room floor, we always call our main hub “home”. We always figured it was b/c “home is where the heart is”.

For the past 17 months, I have felt as though we were living in a pseudo-home because our house and all of our belongings are in Florida while we’re up here in Ohio. However, during our recent visit with the Beachy’s a few weeks ago, Rebecca gave me this verse, and it has really messed up that thinking!

“Lord…you have been our home”.
Moses is saying this…yeah, Moses…this is the guy who traveled in the desert w/ tons of complaining, foul, obnoxious and a bit overly dramatic people for 40 years. 5 hours in the car w/ 2 or more kids can make almost anyone wish tranquilizer darts came in travel packets. Talk about fanatical nomads!

So many of us are on this never-ending search for the quintessential utopia of places to call home…a place where everyone uses their blinker, gas is cheaper than $2/gal, pretentious people travel only in groups so they’re easier to hunt, and there is no need to go to the “other side” b/c your grass is already greener. So, what would happen if in my life, my parent’s lives and my future kid’s lives, we finally begin to realize that God has been our home…God, the majestic, the holy, the politically incorrect, the relevant, the sacred, and the one who shakes my core? Now, I think that’s a good idea.


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