happy to you

I just love birthdays and never had such a great explanation for this adoration…not just my birthday, any birthday. The way I see it, you can’t help but smile on your birthday, and I love to smile, thus, for me, it goes hand-in-hand with one really splendid day.

However, my on-line and met-in-person-once-friend, Emily, had the most beautiful explanation for the love of birthdays that I think I just might have to own…

She says in her 01/04/06 post,

Some might say that I am bit over-zealous about birthdays. It’s sort of, like, the most important celebration for an individual personally though…seeing as if you didn’t have a birthday, then you weren’t actually born (seems obvious, right?). Which is why it’s so great–we all were given the opportunity to LIVE (this really has nothing to do with us anyhow) and thus why not go the extra mile to have a stinkin blast on the anniversary of your screamin, cryin entrance into the world?! It’s a celebration of life, yo


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