Spotlight couple: The Sikoras

Andy and Meri Sikora, married in July of 2002, are my feature couple of the week. This post is a tribute to the epitome of amazingness that this one couple exudes in just 5 minutes…

Andy & Meri

Meri…well, she’s nothing short of magnificent. She’s got style flowing out of her finger tips, can make any ensemble look amazing w/ just a coach purse and a coat of chocolate-mocha nail polish, she can give the most sensible suggestions for anything ranging from work life, personal life, love life, cooking life, movie life…she’s secure, chic and brilliant…yeah, she’s remarkable.

Andy, speaking pastor at my church and one of Mark’s closest friends, is able to give inspiring insight to practically any conversation. Ranging from baseball, theology and nature to history, travel and the international hot dog eating competition, Andy can create a conversation from the ground up, making each person in the discussion feel valued and understood. It’s a good thing.

So why the Sikoras as my spotlight couple? Well, while Mark and I were traveling in Illinois last week, my mom asked us where our favorite place to go was that was near home…Mark and I both said, “Andy & Meri’s” [spoken in the singular].

While we’ve been living in my parent’s guest room, Andy & Meri’s has been our haven. When we need some breathing room…Andy & Meri’s. When we need a bit of sanity…Andy & Meri’s. When we need an excuse for some good food or take out…Andy & Meri’s. So, needless to say, Andy & Meri have been our liberators to sanity so to speak.

So, here’s to you, my spotlight couple of the week! Because of your great hospitality and astounding friendship…Mark and I are, well, we’re one step closer to moving into your guest room! 


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