what is…

I’m trying to figure out why people say “Hi, how are ya” while they’re on the run, coffee in hand, blue-tooth in ear and the ipod on standby, without even the slightest concern for a response…it’s not much, but what’s so hard about slowing down for a minute to really hear how a person is doing.

My friend from college, Courtney, used to always follow the excessively worn cliché “How are you?” with a subsequent question “How was your day?” I always appreciated the extra moment of intentional concern…funny how a few seconds can create a moment of community rather than an air of disdain.

Anyway, my students are as bright as the newly appointed star, Pluto! Every day I’m motivated and inspired by their charisma and perseverance. As a recent assessment, they had to write a paper. I’ve included some of their insights…  

  • ACCOMPLISHMENT: Many times we take ourselves for granted. But we shouldn’t, because what we can do easily might sound downright impossible to the average person. /S. Rice 
  • GOALS: I think if you set your goals to your strengths like personal knowledge skills, and your performance level; you will be satisfied with yourself. /D. Spieker 
  • HEROISM: Most heroes start off by being a normal everyday person doing something extraordinary. /S. Strahsburg
  • SUCCESS: I believe that success is when you have that feeling of self worth, knowing that you gave your 100% and succeeded. /N. Charley 
  • ACIEVEMENT: Goals are very often hard to achieve, and we as people must realize that goals and achievements are not meant to be easy. That’s the whole reason it’s called achievement. – S. Coffey 
  • CREATIVITY: If there were not creative people to think out of the box, I feel this would be a very boring and plain place…Things have changed so much in the past one hundred years, but I hope that people’s creativity never stops. /B. Hicks. 
  • GOALS: A goal is very important because it gives you a roadmap to your future. – M. Jones 
  • INSPIRATION: Examples [of inspiration] are the different types of poems we read each day, or the different types of music that we embrace, the way we carry ourselves, or just a simple person we look up to each day. /C. Rice 

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