quote of the day…brought to you by Panera Bread


I thought you’d enjoy a snidbit from today’s visit to the patio of our nearby Panera Bread where my friend Jenni Gibson and I got to catch up on the past few weeks while enjoying our salad of choice…I enjoyed the strawberry/poppy seed/chicken salad… which, by the way, I’ve decided to venture into that territory again. Very nice.


A slice of our conversation went something like this…


Cathi: Any new news w/ the Gibsons?
Jenni: Not too much… You?
Cathi: Well, we just booked our 5 year anniversary trip.
Jenni: Has it been 5 years, really? Where are you going?.
Cathi: A cruise…a reproduction of sorts of our honeymoon…same boat, same ports…but a lot less expensive now for some reason or another. We’ve still been debating though, whether spending that kind of money on a vacation is justifiable.
And here comes the quote of the day….
Jenni: But, Cathi, it’s not a vacation….it’s an opportunity! 


Thanks Jenni for your great quote, great lunch…and great t-shirt…you are loved!!! 


Today’s Quote of the Day brought to you by:

Panera Bread…where simple pleasures turn a
lunchtime rendezvous into a $10 meal


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