people watching

As poor college students who were totally head over heals in mushy-gushy-star-gazing-can’t-live-without-each-other love, Mark and I used to go on what we tenderly identified as “dollar dates”. A dollar date was an outing where we’d jaunt outside our conventional and ultra-conservative college campus to find something to do that cost less than $5. We had a pretty lengthy list…you can get pretty creative when you’re desperate for air.

One of our dollar dates was people watching at Steamtown Mall. To master the art of people watching, you must create beautiful stories of the people moving around you. See the 30-ish woman over there with cell phone in hand, juggling 8 bags of clothes and a two year old? Well, she was just planning on coming to the mall to grab a refill on her clinique facial scrub but was walking into Macy’s and slipped on a puddle of spilt perfume. Instead of having to worry about a huge court scene, the Macy’s manager agreed to give this woman a $2,000 gift card to “help her heal”. Now, imagine this multiplied by the dozens of people walking by…truth be told…you do look a bit uncanny sitting on a bench in the mall for hours, but as long as you don’t look too suspicious, and don’t pull a quick one on the Easter Bunny, you’ll be fine.

Now, a new, improved game of people watching…let’s call it iwatching or ipeople or idontgiveahoot…save it for a rainy day…

beach.jpg  bike.jpg  man.jpg  horse.jpg 


summer.jpg  veggies.jpg



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