A superhero speaking about superheroes…hmmm [8/26/08 @ 7:07pm]

Mark’s speaking next Sunday night at Sevenoseven…he’s amazing…call me and we can sit together and form a fan group and all wear t-shirts and paint our faces…hmmmm.

Here’s the promo: 

Unlikely - sevenoseven

::every day, each and every one of us has an opportunity.
::an opportunity to be extraordinary.
::possibly even heroic.::

::from august 26th through september 9th we’ll take a look ::at three figures in the book of judges.::
::gideon. deborah. samson.::

::everyday kinds of people. just like you and me. no one
::would have suspected that these individuals would
::rescue their nation. it would be highly
::unlikely that any of these would
::ever be anything more
::than average.::

::however unlikely…::

::they turned out to be heroes.::

::august 26th::
::september 2nd::
::september 9th::


2 thoughts on “A superhero speaking about superheroes…hmmm [8/26/08 @ 7:07pm]

  1. Ohh how I wish I was there – “the christian life isn’t hard – it’s impossible”
    I still think on things that he taught his times speaking here…

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