marital bliss / martial bliss [conflict in marriage…good or bad]

So, is conflict really bad? How come an argument is seen as a relational quandary rather than the ability to learn the quasi art of communication? What is conflict? Is it a divergence of opinion, a clash of perception of some sort, a discrepancy, a variance toward compromising personal beliefs that have been challenged…or, is it combat, school yard tussle or hand-to-hand struggle?
During a recent “discussion” with Mark, I finally realized that this dispute gave us a chance to overcome a few of our weighty communication barriers and to over-communicate through words, actions, resistance, acceptance and ultimately a compromise that lead to forgiveness. I feel as though this tussle/discussion/argument/whatnot created a venue for Mark and me to love each other more deeply, communicate more clearly, and appreciate this newly found art of arguing.


3 thoughts on “marital bliss / martial bliss [conflict in marriage…good or bad]

  1. Mandy Thompson, Mrs.

    You are absolutely right – while dating, my now-husband explained that he looked forward to fighting with me. I, of course, thought he was behaving as an aggressive testosterone-filled chauvinist. He was, in actuality, behaving as the wise man-of-God that I was falling madly in love with. We have learned that our differences, while bringing the occasional disagreement, actually add a more complete experience to both of our lives.

    hi. i’m lurking. i’m sorry.

  2. Hey, and who said the make up isn’t worth it…the ends justify the means, right?!?!

    And hey, I know we can fight b/c I actually have confidence in our relationship – it can take it.

    [p.s….lurking makes the heart grow fonder… 🙂 ]

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