stegall stats

Our current mantra:

“It’s only temporary”

The encouraging word that’s pulling us through:

“If we feel like giving up now, imagine the feeling of accomplishment when we’ve made it!”

Most often heard exchange:

How many flights Mark has been on in the past 3 weeks:


How many miles I just got on 5 gallons of gas:


How much my book bag weighs:
14 lbs

My current favorite snack:
Chips Ahoy 100 calorie pack

Mark’s best recent purchase:
White & Red Converse tennis shoes on sale for $12

Our current goal:
Just make it to December alive


2 thoughts on “stegall stats

  1. did you ever attempt nuking them for 10 seconds? Yeah, it’s like taking 10 steps closer to heaven, you can close your eyes and see the pearly gates w/ that one step!!! And no shame, dear heart, no shame! That’s why God gave us the 14 lb back pack, to ward off the chips ahoy booty!

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