e/m privy

What can you learn about a person if you had access to read their e/m? According to privacyrights.org, over 80% of employers read their employees email…if you desecrated my mainframe civil liberties in this approach, here’s a snidbit of what you’d see…


Thanks for your “ramblings”, Cathi, and for sharing all the happy faces in your life.
/one of my profs 

love the sarcasm!
/my hubby 

When we met in Cleveland, I had a peace about you guys, and I like the vision of the ministry you are trying to do.
/a friend on the journey 

Your journey is about to begin! Soon you will be leaving your everyday stress behind.  Now you can plan ahead to enter a world where your well-being is the focus, and harmony of the mind, body and spirit is the goal!
/princess cruises 

i have so many good ideas but am having SUCH
difficulty getting them OUT OF MY HEAD and articulated
into structured sentences. i keep telling
myself to just start typing, and perhaps everything
will begin to flow, but it hasn’t worked yet.
/a fellow graduate scholar 

Are you living in Ohio or there right now?
/a florida realtor 

WE can do this!! YES we can!  (this is going to be our designated master full time day mantra!!!)–Please note that it includes a deep cleansing breath!!
/yet another fellow academic 

Thanks for using craigslist!
/a must have resource 

Thank you for your recent purchase of Apple Products.
/a love note


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