Freud’s Game of Life [an unintentionally entertaining educactional moment]

What do you think of when I mention Sigmund Freud and Psychodynamic Theories? Sex? Aggression? Libido? Instincts? Most people go back to his Psychosexual stages of development [Oral, Anal, Phallic, Latency and Genital Stages]. Fun.

Well, I unintentionally signed up to present this theory in front of my peers and colleagues, and when I mean unintentionally, I mean, I thought I was signing up to present Empowerment Theories and post modern Feminism…yeah, talk about switching hats.

Now, in an effort to not humiliate myself in front of my contemporaries, I created this make-shift game to both educate my audience through entertainment as well as calm my ever growing juvenile nerves that makes me giggle every time I have to say “penis envy”. I decided to share this game w/ you. It’s not as fun w/o the animation, but you’ll get the main gist.


living uber-well under the pressure of the bell’s toll

For those of us who do well under pressure…do you find that procrastination is your best friend? Wouldn’t you say that procrastination lends itself a unique, self-imposed pressure? I get my best work done just hours before the end of the work day; is this because of this desire to preform well, thus tapping into this intrinsic curse/art/excuse or is it a lazy man’s way to make a flaw seem more user friendly?

[yes, I’m utilizing this treacherously beautiful, carelessly apathetic, novice-ly ignorant “art form” now…posting a blog about procrastinating at 5 in the morning, when I could/should be working on a paper, presentation, or exam. The alternative is so much less appealing…]

a day in the life of…the stegalls

Mark and I have come to the point where it would feel so nice to give up on the madness and lunacy of life and run away to a life of simplicity and ease [Australia sounds good].

Now, in an effort to keep you up to speed on where we are and what we’re doing, I’m going to take your hand and walk you through a typical day with the Stegalls.

6:15 am, I wake up and head to the gym [yes, I sleep in my gym clothes — a strategy to go from the bed to the car w/o having to open my eyes…it’s a true art], I kiss Mark goodbye and head downtown. Mark wakes up and gets to Cleveland Hope by 8:30 am. While Mark is working on Church Planting Strategy stuff [which is much more complex than that, of course], I am either in class or at my internship. Half way through the day, Mark switches hats to work on the many necessary elements he has to tackle while launching Church of the Hills. Me…I’m still in the acutely demanding role of “student”. If Mark has a few extra seconds at noon, he’ll actually stop and satisfy the hunger pangs overriding his mental processes and soon thereafter, head right back to work. When 5:30 rolls around, Mark packs up at the office and brings his laptop home to draw out a few more sweet droplets of the day while wearing his Church of the Hills hat. By this time, I’ve already driven to the college to teach until 10:30. We’ll both meet up at home just before eleven at night to catch the last few minutes of Scrubs, I’ll change into my gym clothes for the next morning, and we’ll call it a day.