a social convergence inspiring global change

The love of my life has recently opened the nucleus of his creative energy for all to see and has developed an innovative social convergence website that exists to assertively encounter the needs of our world frankly and unswervingly.

This collection of podcasts and resources directs us to view this collision as our call to action…it is our call to a constructive revolution.

ConstructiveRevolution.com is “a place where you hear what people are doing to help those in need.  You will hear interviews & conversations with individuals who have dedicated their lives to serving God and others.”

This website will inspire you through real life stories of world changers and will motivate you through opportunities to take up the call to join this army, fighting for the needs of our world in this constructive revolution. The first of many podcasts will be up shortly.

Pop over there often…you won’t leave unchanged.

So I guess this is the sign that the Christmas season has officially begun

So how do I know Christmas has officially begun, you ask? Is it the first sign of snow on Thanksgiving Day? Is it the crooked Christmas tree on public square? Is it the wonderful displays of tacky Christmas gleaming on the front lawn of my neighbor’s house? Is it the ceaseless Christmas music serenading me everywhere I go? Nope, it’s the sound of my husband quoting this movie word for word.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

best thanksgiving moment…Hola, Jesus!

Last night, after the cellophane swept over the curves and lumps of the leftovers like spandex on a woman named Bertha, the family sat down to play a few congenial games.

The first game selected from in the arsenal of recreational cardboard divertissements was Scattergories [a pleasant game where players are to score points by uniquely naming objects within a set of categories, given an initial letter, within a time limit]

My 11 yr old nephew, Joey [name changed for the sake of privacy], has finally reached the point of no return and as his rite of passage, he now could join the “adults” to in our attempt to impress each other with our mad gaming skills.

Let the games begin.

One round after the other, Joey had a few good answers, i.e. A restaurant beginning with the letter ‘B’ – his answer “Big Boy”. You could see the pride escalating in his mother’s eyes. Indeed, we were all quite impressed and rather delighted with his intrinsic ability to woo us with his creative presentation of words each round.

A few rounds later, we had the question – A name in the Bible beginning with the letter ‘C’. Answers ranged form Cain to Cephus. Joey’s answer? With his mounting confidence, he opened his writing tablet to reveal his response… “Carlos!”

Oh, my south Florida friends would be so proud!

the daunting effects of lack of information

Walking through a forest wearing a blindfold over your eyes is both dangerous and foolish.

Trampling over flowers, walking through ivy, breaking branches and disturbing nature, you journey as though your surroundings are unimportant and irrelevant.

Why would a bystander, who plainly sees the effects the blindfold has on you and your environment, choose not to approach you and make you aware of your situation, your surroundings and the consequences of your actions, not to mention the impending danger of approaching ditches or the forest’s creatures?

APA [apathetic paper association] cheat sheet

In a recent e/m to my classmates:

Greetings distinguished future professional colleagues! 😉
Yes, it’s 2:15 in the morning, and yes, I’m acting yet again as my over-achieving self – it’s kind of pathetic – I’m at a hotel for the weekend, and can’t sleep…so, I’m in the lobby, editing my term paper and thought you might find this helpful. Oh, this is sad.
To any extent, I wanted to send you this sample APA paper that I have used all semester in composing my papers. Along w/ the owl website, I have referred to this sample often. I thought you might want to utilize this tool as well…
That’s it…enjoy your weekend!

A GREAT APA sample paper

how to…eenie, meenie, miney, mo

Having difficulty making decisions?cereal2.jpg

How many of us walk into the grocery store and stare at the boundless passageway creased with an endless supply of grains saturated in sugar and spice and everything nice…i.e., the cereal aisle. Hence, we soon gawp in complete and utter hysteria – fearful that we may select Cheerios instead of Kix and face the dire consequences of an ill-made decision for the rest of our adult life, possibly adversely affecting future generations, thus causing world conflict with but one decision made in the grocer’s cereal aisle. Oh, the pressure.

Seriously now, people.


an excerpt [international child abandonment]

Thousands of children in countries outside of the United States are abandoned every year by their mothers, and some of them are placed in orphanages. People from the United States and abroad adopt some children who need families, but many of these children spend their entire childhoods in institutions until they are turned out to make room for younger homeless children (encyclopedia.adoption.com).

So what is the best solution? How should the world respond to this notably global problem? I feel as though the solution rests in a governmental and individual revolution to react strongly to the case of internationally abandoned children – Federal agencies working with non-governmental agencies, communities working with families and individuals, all seeking the best for the children from one country to another. As stated above, child abandonment is not confined to any one social class or sector of the population; it cuts across all ethnic, religious, social and economic backgrounds. Our response should be constructive, but our response needs to lead to a revolution fighting for the lives and the rights of abandoned children worldwide.
It is a cause, and it is a call. I will respond.