where do I sign??? [Inner-city Care and Awareness]

1 night on the street


On November 15th & 16th, a local radio station in Cleveland will hold an event called 1 Night on the Street. During this live broadcast event, direct from West 30th & Lorain, listeners will hear about the needs and opportunities in the city.

By way of a web database, and a phone bank at the station, listeners will be able to connect with and commit to city ministries of all kinds: Feeding the hungry, Clothing the poor, Tutoring children, Tutoring adultsTeaching English as a second language (ESL) programs, Helping with senior & nursing home programs, Job training…and many other ministries in the city.  

What makes this event different is that there will be no fundraising, and no “stuff-raising”… We’re “raising people”.

The city ministries will take good care of you, and be assured, they have plenty for you to do.

You think your suburban church staff is overworked and understaffed? Just come to the city. If you’re good at something, you’re needed. Take a chance. Choose a ministry. Come to the city…just once. If you’re like me, you’ll go back for more. 

Check out www.1nightonthestreet.org for more info.


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