an excerpt [international child abandonment]

Thousands of children in countries outside of the United States are abandoned every year by their mothers, and some of them are placed in orphanages. People from the United States and abroad adopt some children who need families, but many of these children spend their entire childhoods in institutions until they are turned out to make room for younger homeless children (

So what is the best solution? How should the world respond to this notably global problem? I feel as though the solution rests in a governmental and individual revolution to react strongly to the case of internationally abandoned children – Federal agencies working with non-governmental agencies, communities working with families and individuals, all seeking the best for the children from one country to another. As stated above, child abandonment is not confined to any one social class or sector of the population; it cuts across all ethnic, religious, social and economic backgrounds. Our response should be constructive, but our response needs to lead to a revolution fighting for the lives and the rights of abandoned children worldwide.
It is a cause, and it is a call. I will respond.


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