best thanksgiving moment…Hola, Jesus!

Last night, after the cellophane swept over the curves and lumps of the leftovers like spandex on a woman named Bertha, the family sat down to play a few congenial games.

The first game selected from in the arsenal of recreational cardboard divertissements was Scattergories [a pleasant game where players are to score points by uniquely naming objects within a set of categories, given an initial letter, within a time limit]

My 11 yr old nephew, Joey [name changed for the sake of privacy], has finally reached the point of no return and as his rite of passage, he now could join the “adults” to in our attempt to impress each other with our mad gaming skills.

Let the games begin.

One round after the other, Joey had a few good answers, i.e. A restaurant beginning with the letter ‘B’ – his answer “Big Boy”. You could see the pride escalating in his mother’s eyes. Indeed, we were all quite impressed and rather delighted with his intrinsic ability to woo us with his creative presentation of words each round.

A few rounds later, we had the question – A name in the Bible beginning with the letter ‘C’. Answers ranged form Cain to Cephus. Joey’s answer? With his mounting confidence, he opened his writing tablet to reveal his response… “Carlos!”

Oh, my south Florida friends would be so proud!


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