My friend Audrey is the epitome of beauty, brilliance and unbridled fearless abandon for the Almighty. In a recent post, Religion and the downfall of the English language, she creates a rocky stead out of the comfortable proverbial cushion, where I used to lay my head…she posits,

…I have to take this opportunity to stand up in defense of the word ‘religion’, in the interest of the English language and all who claim it for their own. I must with all certitude and conviction fly in the face of word corruption and subjective societal context to clear religion’s good name…

…The thing is not to distance Christianity from the word ‘religion’ here…the thing is to reclaim the right use of the word and do the language of English a long overdue service…that is, use it correctly.

So, the next time you are about to tell some poor unfortunate Catholic like myself that “Christianity is not a religion, it’s a relationship”, perhaps you ought to rephrase and say that “Christianity is not *merely* a religion.” That I can accept. Or say that the Christian religion places the most emphasis on relationship with the one true God; this is also a correct use of the word ‘religion’.

Oh, if I only had read this before opening my pious mouth. To those who were there, I’m sorry.


One thought on “guilty.

  1. Thanks for your reply, Cathi.
    I actually ran across the Slate link a few days ago, and was relieved to see the way the argument fell apart. Thanks for the link. It’s very nice to meet you. You seem like a lovely person.

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