I’m still processing

the gods arent angry

Part anthropology, part history, part deconstruction – this is new material that Rob hasn’t taught before, exploring how humans invented religion to make themselves feel better.

How can you see that you’re running in circles without recognizing where you’ve been or watching where you’re going?
How can a dude w/ a buzzed head, a sweater vest, new balance sneakers and slick glasses guide hundreds of people through ages past while honoring the present, leaving them enlightened, tested and inspired?

We drove downtown tonight. We parked on the third floor of a concrete parking garage. We walked in the snow. We went to Rob Bell’s The gods aren’t angry tour at the playhouse. We talked over milkshakes at Steak n’ Shake. We came home.
The pivotal moment in our evening, you ask? I don’t know. I’m still processing.


7 thoughts on “I’m still processing

  1. “you don’t have to live this way”

    that was my pivotal moment, at least for now.

    i also loved the stuff on abraham and isaac.

    “you don’t have to live this way”

  2. it’s true…it rings like a mantra. it has the sing-song component that will ring loudly at one point and softer at another, yet it will always be there.

    another fav…the sneeze. It was a natural reinforcement that he’s human.

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  4. Idetrorce, no need to agree…agreeing to disagree is a beautiful thing as well. It leaves the conclusion to be a subjective notion…not a bad thing, but a provocative conclusion of sorts. Thanks for the note though!

    Welcome, dear friend and old roomie! Rob Bell has to be one of the most controversial speakers of our generation…what do they say, something about drinking Rob Bell koolaid…consider me a swimmer rather than a drinker! I think he’s an unbiased brilliant mind, who is willing to test the boundaries in order to share, reveal and conquer the world with Truth. So, in other words, I liked it. 🙂

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