snow plow etiquette

an e/m from captain maintenance…give ear, and maybe one day you can avoid the potential of lying beneath the underbelly of a snow-plow induced mountain acting as a cloak for your lovely automobile. You can thank me later.

Once again it’s time for our annual winter wonderland and I would like to give some suggestions to staff to make the snow plowing easier.

  1. Number one because it is the most important. The visibility in the truck is terrible when I’m plowing. Please do not drive behind me, I can’t see you. Please make eye contact with me before proceeding in front of me unless you are sure you have clearance.
  2. Park in areas already plowed.
  3. Park together, do not spread out around the parking lots.
  4. Do not drive over unplowed areas if possible as your tracks freeze and it bends the plow over.
  5. If you are leaving vehicles overnight, park in the outer lots. One vehicle can cause many headaches.

Thanks for your indulgence. Violators will be buried in snow. Thanks…………….will

oh no


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