say “i love you” like vance refrigeration

You know you and your sweetie are missing The Office thanks to the writers strike. Rekindle the love by giving this Bob Vance inspired card. It worked on Phyllis. Why go with a sappy store-bought Valentine’s Day card — be original!

vance vanentinevance valentine - back is honestly one of my more frequently visited sites, primarily b/c I enjoy swimming in the sea of inadequacy from time to time. Etsy is the home base for the creative at heart people, who instead of sitting at their computers writing/reading blogs, they put their times to good work and make stuff to buy and sell on this hand-dandy site. I heart


how to…life map {2008}

For one of my jobs, we had to document a Spiritual Growth Plan for 2008 [I bet you know which job that was]. I’ve completed similar forms in the academic arena. Note, my Academic Professional Development Plan was indeed a glimpse into the future…however, it looked more like a train wreck waiting to happen rather than an annual record citing a fervor [i.e., compulsion] for success and accomplishment. On the contrary, this exercise was one of significance and value while it prompted introspection and clarity of mind. Since I lack the basic boundaries in the sharing of such information via this here weblog – I’ve decided to step up the notch on this debatable accountability notion and reveal my documented plan!

Life Purpose

…to do justly…to love mercy…and to walk humbly with my God. {ref. micah 6.8

Personal Mission Statement

By God’s grace, I strive for continuous personal growth with passion, boldness, and creativity through new experiences, skills, and knowledge. I exhibit integrity and compassion in all aspects of my life and seek a positive impact on my world, my community, my friends, my family, and myself. To these ends, I have my husband to encourage me and share my adventure, my God and my faith to ground me, a healthy lifestyle to extend and enhance my experience of life, and simplicity to avoid distractions from what is important.

I will continue to live life as a human made in God’s image, honoring the spirituality, creativity and humanity around me, while encouraging, helping and guiding others to do the same.

Core Values

  1. Spiritual Awareness — To Be Conscious
  2. Meaningful Relationships in connection with others
  3. The Pursuit of Knowledge and Meaningful Experiences
  4. The Impact through Inspiration and Influence
  5. The Significance of Christ-like Service

Specific Goals for 2008

  1. To show in my thoughts and my actions that Christ is number one in my life by talking to Him often and hearing His voice through His Word, His Spirit, His creation and the encouragement of others
  2. To purposefully walk in His presence by acknowledging Him and developing a clearer awareness of His activity in my daily life
  3. To conscientiously guard the small and few moments I get to spend with Mark
  4. To use time in my car to develop relationships by calling friends or family
  5. To maintain good stewardship of this shell God’s given me by exercising often and eating regular, healthy meals
  6. To engage in continual worship on a daily basis and weekly in community
  7. To create an atmosphere of praise all around me by exuding Christ’s likeness in patience, meekness, creativity and integrity
  8. To continue giving regularly to CVC/Church of the Hills and our missionary friends
  9. To speak of Christ boldly at school and at work, while petitioning for courage and wisdom on what to say and when to say it
  10. To find at least 10 minutes each day to revel in God’s creation, breathing in His beauty and appreciating His sovereignty, creativity and sense of humor in my life

hard at work…

From: Cathi Stegall

You missed the icecapades in the front lot this morning. I thought we could buy the staff matching sequence leotards so we could begin charging people to see our stellar figure skating moves! Check out this picture I took of Rick Eimers and Jackie Puliafico!!!



From: Rick Eimers
Sent: Friday, January 25, 2008 12:49 PM
To: Cathi Stegall

Hilariouswhich one am I supposed to be?

From: Cathi Stegall
Sent: Friday, January 25, 2008 12:50 PM
To: Rick Eimers

Well, that is to be debated during the next all staff meeting!

From: Rick Eimers
Sent: Friday, January 25, 2008 12:51 PM
To: Cathi Stegall

Many people do say that white definitely is my color.

Resolving a Resolution

Well, this morning I recited a prose to Mark, saying goodbye to his excess. So far, hes lost 18 lbs since the beginning of the year. The jerk.

Hes been partnering w/ his buddy Andy in this Best Shape of Your Life Challenge, which Ive seen only as a slap in the stinkin face to those of us who can just look at a cookie and gain 3 lbs.

So, regardless of my frustration, I am proud of his work thus far eating right and exercising just may be the way to go – Go figure. Im still working on the HGH for regular people like me no success thus far.


Im curious how many people are still on track w/ their New Years Resolutionswhats the stats, like 1 in 5 people make it to February, I think I’m in good company?

So, Mark and Andy have inspired me, maybe Ill try getting in the best shape of this weekone day at a time, right?

dream BIG!!!

Do you think Dr. King had any idea of the impact this one speech would have on a society structured by class, race, heterosexism, and gender inequality? I do know he eventually placed the Nobel Peace Prize on his lifetime repertoire, but while drafting these thoughts, did he know the affect those words would have on the history of our nation?

Dr. King vocalized his dreams to thousands of people.

I myself have dreams, desires and hopes for the future. Some of these dreams are introspective and quite personal and others are exhaustive dreams for our nation, which could eventually be used for one kicking presidential speech. What should I do with these dreams? Should I carry them as an ambition to grow, a motivation for others, an immortal list of all things good? Each one can reach one, so they say. Can I use this as my calling, whatever a calling may mean in the first place.

Regardless of the intention, motivation or goal, I have dreams.

Take it to the cafe or table:
What are your dreams and what steps are you taking to achieve them?

It’s spritzling!

In my opinion, every family develops and utilizes their own dialect of sorts. A bit like a great inside joke between friends – it makes complete sense to the privileged few yet seems ridiculous to any outsider.

currey family

Growing up with the Curreys, we too created our own serendipitous dictionary. Within its pages you would find the following words…

  • Ca-ca cheese: grated Parmesan cheese, thus named for the repulsive odor
  • Spritzle: a light rain, just between a sprinkle and a down pour
  • Bonger: the old-school hair ties that had round pieces on each end that held the hair tie in place
  • Stootz: a fart
  • Flicker: the remote control
  • Ack: air conditioning

…just to name a few.

Take it to the cafe or table:
Remove all dignity, open your said dictionary and share!

a well written tragedy

In today’s paper, Thomas Ott of The Plain Dealer writes in his article,

Real Estate’s Perfect Storm:

When the dark clouds formed, few of us took notice, or if we did, we never imagined the monster storm that was about to hit.

How could we?

You might have seen a nasty tornado or two. But what do most of us know about catastrophic events akin to category 4 hurricanes? Who among us could foresee tsunami-like forces wiping out thousands of our homes and displacing tens of thousands of our neighbors?

Yet that’s essentially what happened here over the last decade. A series of manmade forces — loose credit, Wall Street greed and outright fraud — collided with our employment woes and chronic poverty to form the economic equivalent of the perfect storm.

We have since learned to call our plight a foreclosure crisis. But comparisons to the aftermath of a hurricane are inescapable.

Click here to read the rest of this story and to see the audio slideshow

This article shows the grim reality that’s plaguing far beyond our city walls. I am beyond grateful for our discerning “mortgage guy”, Ryan Wuerthner, who worked with us in utmost integrity and honesty while drafting our first mortgage note in 2005. In a recent email, he wrote:

They call this a “subprime” meltdown, but that is very much dis-ingenious. That German bank that failed (or would of without gov’t intervention) was NOT subprime but rather pay option arms (A & Alt A – good credit loans). The pay option arm was pushed by these big banks and wallstreet by enticing brokers and other loan originators with BIG commissions- I wouldn’t sell it because morally, I didn’t believe it was a good product for 95% of the population- every loan has a place. This loan product is like a neutron bomb. It is going to leave the buildings standing but with no people. Unfortunately this will harm us all by eroding values due to foreclosures and others getting out.

Thank you, Ryan, for your moral discernment and utmost integrity that helped shelter us from said “real estate’s perfect storm”. Thank you.