sleeping with heroes of the pen

Well, lack of sleep has given to a lack of creativity and waning inspiration.

I have always boasted about the strength of my immune system, “like an ox” I would proudly say. At the first sign of a cold, Zicam would kick it in the face. I haven’t had a severe cold since undergrad!
No worries though, there is good news bobbing in this river of Kleenex and cough drops. library

In an effort not to disturb Mark’s sleep, I’ve found my resting place on the well worn chair in the family library. So, each night, I have been surrounded by hundreds of books from Emerson’s best, multiple collections of C S Lewis, to Lincoln’s writings, and a cascade of children’s literature to boot! Needless to say, even this temporary lack of creativity has lent opportunities to read the vision, imagination and innovation of past and present heroes of the pen.

2 thoughts on “sleeping with heroes of the pen

  1. As the owner/propritor of said library I just wanted to say that I have NEVER known you to lack creativity. Your cold may have your life on “hold” but I know that you’ll come back better than ever when it’s finally gone.

    Did you ever think that our libraries have allowed us to travel all over the world? Albeit in our imaginations – but imagination is a marvelous gift. I’ve traveled perilous journies with hobbits, I’ve watched a little angel place the Glory of the Lord above His head, I’ve traveled West in covered wagons and watched a young boy actually KILL a giant (with a sling shot, no less!).

    Eyes to see, books to read, and an imagination to take us to innumrable places – the old chair in our library is magic!


  2. I love you momma joj!!! To you the credit lies for our [i.e., c1, c2 & c3] love for literature. Yes, indeed, you walked us through Grandma’s Attic, opened the door to a magic wardrobe, traveled through the Mountains of Spices and introduced us to an assembly of Live Dolls. As a mother of three girls, you have placed a seed in our hearts that is nourished by the written word.
    You are like a good book to me – you smell beautifully, you are full of knowledge, and you are the best company on a cold, sleepless night!!!
    You are loved; you are cherished – I rise and call you blessed!

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