my list from 2007 for 2008, i guess

Upon reading everyone’s lists for 2008 full of hopeful resolutions and nostalgic registers of the past 360 some odd days, I’ve been inspired. Here’s my recorded enumeration of sorts…

  1. I like the color green, grey and blue, but can never choose which way to spell grey/gray
  2. I can prioritize my day according to all of the items I can fit into a single tote bag
  3. I unknowingly make my own lyrics to well known songs and only find out my error when I sing it out loud with utmost unyielded confidence
  4. I like to drive with the sun in my eyes burning out my retinas, so driving west at night and east in the morning are the highlights of my day
  5. Self portraits can be altered to make you look nothing like yourself, much to the detriment of your future great grandchildren, who will have no idea what you truly looked like in years past
  6. Prior critical judgment can eventually be seen as pious condemnation of well intentioned people
  7. Recycling is a good idea
  8. It takes a drivers license and a signature to get some simple cold medicine from the drugstore
  9. My infatuation with straight lines honestly isn’t just me being overly meticulous…honestly, it makes everything look more orderly, structured and methodical…and the alternative is just unacceptable
  10. Trying to plan for the new year by searching for the top 10 ten coping mechanisms doesn’t work

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