breaking news…


Jalapeños are a fruit.

Hours of laughter surrounded this most recent finding. The moments preceding this earth-shattering enlightenment was laughter prompted by stories and pictures, and the succeeding laughter was a reaction to the marvel of the game Apples to Apples and a few creative geniuses. Geniuses, might I add, who thought “profound” was a good descriptor of wheat, and who arguably lobbied that ear wax could very well be considered “obstinate”.
A night with friends makes the world a better place. Happier. Smarter. And, of course, it makes me feel cooler – where were these people when I needed them most…in high school???

Thanks Matt and Shannon Kitchen for your delightful brownies, your mad gaming skills and your “profound” research denoting jalapeños and pumpkins as, indeed, fruit.


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