crapology, sharing the love

So, I was going through my abundant supply of long forgotten pictures, and happened upon this image, lovingly sent to me by my [at the time] 3 yr old niece. She most triumphantly pooped a heart-shaped turd. I just had to share the love!

loads of luv

Side note I rarely type the word turd; hence I wasnt sure if I was spelling it correctly. Seeing that spell check didnt recognize the word, I threw it into google just to make sure. Here were some other words that came up for Turd, note it as a turd lexicon of sorts:

  • crap
  • poop
  • poo 
  • dump 
  • feces
  • fart 
  • dookie
  • floater
  • deuce
  • scat
  • dung
  • dingleberry
  • caca
  • defecation
  • bog

…just to name a few. Now, take this eternally priceless knowledge and share your newly found awareness with all who will listen. Thank you, Google Suggest, for your unwavering provision of all things known!

By the way, a great book that should certainly grace the shelf of any comprehensive library

Everyone Poops


15 thoughts on “crapology, sharing the love

  1. It’s true. Not only are there many ways to poo – but many ways also to talk about the poo.

    And in many languages. Here in europe we have skato, scheise and merde to name but a few.


  2. this just in!


    oh yes she does!

    you can do NO wrong in my book lovely!!!

    Mandy, watch out! There’s two of us NOW!

    oh yah!!!!

    can i just take this time now to say how much i dislike plopping turds that splash water back up into the exiting place! it just throws off my groove. it’s startling.

  3. tam and i are on the phone – supposed to be planning our next video – but constantly drawn back to subjects of your blog.

    THIS picture disturbs us greatly for TWO reasons:
    1) tam says the toilet seat is wood – hence cracks in the wood – hence the pinching of cheeks.
    2) mandy says where the $#$@ is the toilet paper?????????

  4. Oh heavens! You two are like battman and robin or Laverne and Shirley or Ben & Jerry! FIERCE! just FIERCE!

    Now Tam, I’m going to need that support when I go back to my husband to say that I am in need of a trip to BOTH the east coast AND the west coast this summer.

    And the turd w/ o the tp, Mandy..well, my niece got so stinkin excited, she ran down the stairs to call everyone into the bathroom…and in walked the camera! Kodak moments have no shame!

  5. i apologize that it took me two days to get back to this much-anticipated response….

    i blame it on the fact that i thought about re-checking this post only during the middle of the nights.

    you know. your husband just might need to come to a pastor’s conference here at our seminary sometime soon!!! wink wink maybe he can fit you in his suitcase.
    wink wink

  6. no worries, muffin…I’ll stalk you nonetheless. 🙂

    So, I’m now searching for bigger suitcases, b/c that’s a great idea! I once saw a video of a kitten who hopped into a suitcase and then the suitcase got switched. So, we’ll just have to make sure we have good id tags…I’d hate to expect going to good ol’ NE and end up in arkansas!

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