dream BIG!!!

Do you think Dr. King had any idea of the impact this one speech would have on a society structured by class, race, heterosexism, and gender inequality? I do know he eventually placed the Nobel Peace Prize on his lifetime repertoire, but while drafting these thoughts, did he know the affect those words would have on the history of our nation?

Dr. King vocalized his dreams to thousands of people.

I myself have dreams, desires and hopes for the future. Some of these dreams are introspective and quite personal and others are exhaustive dreams for our nation, which could eventually be used for one kicking presidential speech. What should I do with these dreams? Should I carry them as an ambition to grow, a motivation for others, an immortal list of all things good? Each one can reach one, so they say. Can I use this as my calling, whatever a calling may mean in the first place.

Regardless of the intention, motivation or goal, I have dreams.

Take it to the cafe or table:
What are your dreams and what steps are you taking to achieve them?


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