It’s spritzling!

In my opinion, every family develops and utilizes their own dialect of sorts. A bit like a great inside joke between friends – it makes complete sense to the privileged few yet seems ridiculous to any outsider.

currey family

Growing up with the Curreys, we too created our own serendipitous dictionary. Within its pages you would find the following words…

  • Ca-ca cheese: grated Parmesan cheese, thus named for the repulsive odor
  • Spritzle: a light rain, just between a sprinkle and a down pour
  • Bonger: the old-school hair ties that had round pieces on each end that held the hair tie in place
  • Stootz: a fart
  • Flicker: the remote control
  • Ack: air conditioning

…just to name a few.

Take it to the cafe or table:
Remove all dignity, open your said dictionary and share!


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