Resolving a Resolution

Well, this morning I recited a prose to Mark, saying goodbye to his excess. So far, hes lost 18 lbs since the beginning of the year. The jerk.

Hes been partnering w/ his buddy Andy in this Best Shape of Your Life Challenge, which Ive seen only as a slap in the stinkin face to those of us who can just look at a cookie and gain 3 lbs.

So, regardless of my frustration, I am proud of his work thus far eating right and exercising just may be the way to go – Go figure. Im still working on the HGH for regular people like me no success thus far.


Im curious how many people are still on track w/ their New Years Resolutionswhats the stats, like 1 in 5 people make it to February, I think I’m in good company?

So, Mark and Andy have inspired me, maybe Ill try getting in the best shape of this weekone day at a time, right?


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