have mercy

Ali - Africa MercySo, I have a friend…surprising, I know, but her story is amazing, and yet another adventurous chapter is just beginning. Her name is Ali, and I want to share her tale w/ you and hope that you take the time to stop by her site and hear it for yourself.

Ali is a nurse from Jersey.

Just this past week, Ali left for Freetown, Sierra Leone to serve as a volunteer nurse on board the world’s largest non-governmental hospital ship, the Africa Mercy.

Mercy Ships programs promote health and well-being by serving the urgent surgical needs of the forgotten poor and empowering developing communities. Mercy Ships, a global charity, has operated a fleet of hospital ships in developing nations since 1978.  Following the example of Jesus, Mercy Ships brings hope and healing to the poor, mobilizing people and resources worldwide [mercy ships]

Ali is now a part of a team, made up of volunteers from around the world that provides free surgeries to the world’s most desperate poor and is documenting her grand adventures through the most exquisite display of words and pictures.

In one of her more recent ponderings, she writes,

This is the Africa I am learning all over again. She is tired and broken, riddled with bullet holes and shot through with despair. Her men sit by the side of the road because they have nowhere else to go. Her women pick through piles of garbage as they seek to find their way again. It is too much.
Even so, amidst the darkness, a light is shining. We screen on Monday. The wards open on Wednesday. Hope and healing are coming back to Liberia. And we will remind her children of God’s unwavering love.

Please join me in walking with Ali as we pray her through this next year on Africa Mercy.

Tour the ship w/ Ali here.


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