interrupted solitude {25/25}

Each morning as I head to the gym, I look forward to my few moments of solitude. I skirt all eye contact as I walk to the locker room in a small attempt to secure my few belongings in a 3×1-foot locker. I put in my earbuds to escape to my pod of iTunes and move in rhythm to the beat of coldplay’s x&y [great suggestion btw, Mark].

Every morning I exercise next to the same lady – mid forties – she creams me on speed and resilience. She wears a baseball cap over her headphones, and while she doesn’t know it, she is one of my most loyal motivators, prompting me to pick up speed and hang on for at least 10 more minutes. If she can do it, I can do it. We’ve been working out together like this for almost a year now. She said hi to me this morning. It broke the silence of my voiceless morning routine. It was nice.

Thank you, loyal lady. You made my day.

//countdown to launch 24 more posts to go


4 thoughts on “interrupted solitude {25/25}

  1. @joj: great question! what’s so interesting about loneliness is that it doesn’t depend upon the context…it varies; i.e., it’s essentially subjective. We can be lonely in a crowded room, yes? We can be lonely in our solitude, yes. Loneliness is incurable by mere coping strategies of mingling in a crowd…I think it’s only curable by genuine, authentic real life moments [with or without people]…or simply a mom/daughter late night talk…one or the other, really. 🙂

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