I’m fighting for kenya {23/25}

Tragically, since Kenya’s recent election, there has been an onslaught of violence targeting Kenya’s women and children. In a BBC article titled Gang rape spirals in violent Kenya, Rahab Ngugi, patient services manager at the hospital says,

It is the tip of the iceberg. At any time of unrest, of violence, or rioting, women and children are targeted. It is revenge, it is war. People are fighting and the weakest ones get abused.

With the HIV/Aids epidemic in Africa, this is more than a story in an online article, it is meant to rustle our comfortable down-filled feather pillows and take a moment to stop what we’re doing and see how we can don our battle gear and fight on their behalf. To do list:


Battles are fought on women’s bodies as much as on battlefields
Kathleen Cravero, UNDP

//countdown to launch 22 more posts to go


2 thoughts on “I’m fighting for kenya {23/25}

  1. Cathi,
    This is good stuff. Thanks for sharing it.

    In our ministry gathering on Sunday nights, we put a huge map of the wall on the world. At the beginning of our seasons (semesters) , we have students put sticky notes on a part of the world and commit to praying for it that semester. Then every week part of our “rhythm” is to spend a few minutes researching injustice around the world, and come back together on Sunday nights and put sticky notes all over the map of things we need to pray about. I ask the students to be “‘foolish’ enough to think God wants to change the world.”

    Anyways, you helped me meet my researching this week! 🙂

  2. @ dockin80:
    That is an incredibly amazing idea – what a practical way to get a multitude {i.e., more than one person} to rise up, raise awareness, pray and practically meet the needs of the millions of people around us in search of help and healing on a spiritual and practical level! Amazing job! Please let me know if you need further info or if you want any other ideas…I’m full of them! 🙂

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