biting a sour apple {22b/25}

Sadly enough, my mac has had its hard drive replaced twice since I got it in September, which is completely antithetical to the mac identity [at least that’s what I hear] – mine must be having an identity crisis and is thinking it’s a pc. I just got it back tonight. I’m in the midst of re-installing the Leopard OS, iWork, Firefox and Office ’08 and just realized that when they canned my old hard drive, they also canned my extensive catalog of bookmarks…my favorite blogs, sites, stores, etc are g-g-g-gone. So, if you were on my frequently viewed list, I may not be viewing for a while until I find you again. Most of my sites were by happenstance. So, send me an e/m or shoot me your link, and I’ll place you right back where you belong – at the top of my screen, earning some stegall link-love.

//countdown to launch still 21 more posts to go

2 thoughts on “biting a sour apple {22b/25}

  1. I am having fun trying to get my bookmarks back. Seems our Mac decided to take a break after 14 months of use. I’ve loved it, but was also deluded because I thought MAC’s never crashed. Couldn’t turn it on and when we tried the things tech service suggested it asked for destination drive and the area was blank (our hard drive seems to have disappeared). Have a appointment on Monday to see what is wrong. But in the meantime since we had tax money coming in decided to get a new one. We also got an external drive so we can back-up on a regular basis. So I know the pain you feel, but maybe not as deeply as yours. Good luck and start backing up.

  2. @iluvclouds:
    My husband, Mark, feels as though mac geniuses could run the world. I do agree…sometimes, as long as I’m not a part of the small percentage that would crash and burn!
    for certain ‘good luck’ wishes as a ping-back from me to you!

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