i-i-iKEA {22/25}

Mark invited me to join him traveling to good ol’ IKEA – Pittsburgh, PA to do some shopping for Church of the Hills…well, we got a little side tracked and developed our own wish list {non-exhaustive in the least!!!}

dscn1202.jpg picture-1.png

dscn1203.jpg picture-2.png

dscn1204.jpg picture-4.png

dscn1205.jpg picture-5.png

dscn1207.jpg {check} we bought these!

see Mark’s post for an itinerary and more fun details of our trip

By the end of our adventure, we had a full truck, sore feet, homesick hearts and coveting spirits! Needless to say, we were pooped. Thanks to Starbucks for giving Mark the energy to get us back to Cleveland safely.

//countdown to launch 21 more posts to go


3 thoughts on “i-i-iKEA {22/25}

  1. Hi! Found your blog on the Blog Surfer, and got all excited about IKEA! Absolutely one of my favorite places ever, and my boyfriend has the bed that’s on your checklist! Definitely a good buy.


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