NADER: persistence is key…i guess {21/25}

some people just never give up…his mom would be proud

I suppose that the “third time’s a charm”!


the bbc article

the cnn article

the ny times article

the washington post article

the la times article

And what’s news w/o adding an article from The Onion. This one is from the archives of 2004 – a parody of Nader’s Platform:

//countdown to launch 20 more posts to go

2 thoughts on “NADER: persistence is key…i guess {21/25}

  1. I voted for Nader last time. I like the guy. He’ll never be president but he’s done a lot of good. I love the shout out to Nader in Mr. Holland’s Opus.

  2. @Joey: I hear what you’re saying. I feel as though Nader is a good man. However, I believe he did a much better job as a consumer advocate and would win the respect of the people much more effectively by running on those named strengths instead of running after the oval office. He just seems jaded now. But it’s true…Mr. Holland’s Opus’ mention of Nader’s book on cars is a great ‘shout out’ to his cause.

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