how to…Rank 190,434,783 {20/25}



In my research on hunger and poverty, I came across this website created by a dandy cup of creative juices from across the pond in London. Meet Poke. They created the Global Rich List to “challenge people’s perception of their personal wealth.” This is an interactive site where you choose your national currency, enter your annual income…


…and with the magic of the webosphere, within seconds you are shown Your Rich List Position. This summarizes where you rank globally, gives a comparative abstract of your standing and shows what difference you could make for those in need. You may not feel like it, but compared to the poor in Uganda, Haiti or Mali, you are among one of the richest people in the world. I certainly hadn’t considered myself one of the top 4 %.
My favorite part about this site is the opportunity to link and donate to a charity, which changes regularly. So, visit the site, see where you rank, and after your few minutes of shame, donate some of your wealth to the supported charity or one of your choosing.


//countdown to launch 19 more posts to go



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