The love of a creature {18/25}

As I said in a previous post, I find most of my readings via happenstance. I stumbled across this post by thewordofme called Is God Even Real? A mere glance at the title prompted certain intrigue. I thought I’d clue you into some of our dialogue with a brief synopsis of the initial entry.


… to me religion, because God supposedly creates it, or us, or whatever, should have everything right from the beginning…
…If a true God created this universe, this galaxy, solar system, Earth, and man/woman, animals, etc., there should be no questions about it at all. Inquiring minds (no sly comments please;) that many people have, should immediately see the answers. There should not be scientists, or just plain folks who have an inquiring intelligence seeing inconsistencies in our existence. There should be no need for the constant bickering and back at you thing that has been going on for the last three or four hundred years now.
… How long does it take to disprove it by provable fact? If a God did this, the truth would be staring you in the face. But it’s not, and never has been, and the assumptions of facts in the Bible are not valid anymore. But, then of course they never were.
…The evidence keeps building up, and some otherwise intelligent people keep denying its truth. The real truth should be so in your face that its undeniable….by anyone.
…Does any of the melodrama that Christian religion attempts to impose on the whole world make logical sense?

Well, I couldn’t help but react to this set of inquiries. Here was my response:

“There should be no need for the constant bickering and back at you thing that has been going on for the last three or four hundred years now.”
…more like THOUSANDS of years. There’s a scandal, for sure, and you’ve tagged it. There’s a paradox, indeed, and it’s obvious.
How could the faith of a child also be a faith that can be challenged more often during easy or simple times than during trials?
You pose many great questions. You raise many great facts, especially the “melodrama that Christian religion attempts to impose on the whole world”.
I can’t say much that would be any use, but as an academic and an “intellectual” [i.e., professional student], I am in love with the intrigue, the questions, the clear answers and the ones that hurt. I fell in love with the Creator because…well, it made “logical sense”.
Thanks for this post. I love your honesty and was inspired to dig even further. Well done.

Thewordofme graciously answered with this cordial response:

Hi Cathi Stegall,
Thank you for your kind post. I, like you, really like the intrigue and drama that religion has imposed on the world. Even if I sound like I am down on religion, I am really just trying to get reaction, so I can explore peoples personal thoughts on the subject. Even if God turns out to not be true–as I believe, the human history of interaction with Him and the church is worthy of study.
I don’t suppose you would like to share more on what you said about the Creator making logical sense to you? No pressure at all. I will understand perfectly if you are to busy or reluctant to write back.
Again, thanks for your reply.

And my meek reply:

re: “I don’t suppose you would like to share more on what you said about the Creator making logical sense to you?”
Oh, where do I begin? I fear I could write an entire book on the logical reasons why I am so in love with my Creator. Due to the fact that this is a blog comment, I will try to keep this short, but would certainly love additional dialogue upon any such request.
I will list my primary reason as my sole reason and that is, for the sake of circular reasoning – I am in love with my Creator because of the proof in His very Creation.
Let me explain: Did you ever notice that even creation sings the song of redemption? There is death of the day into night and the resurrection of the morning? There is the death of the flowers into the ground in the fall and resurrection in the spring? Even so, the seasons, there is the death of what is recognized as “life” in the winter, and just as the flower, it resurrects into life again in the spring.
I am in love for I am loved. I not only get to read freely of this redemption but I also get to see it over and over again, every day, every season, every year.

I sincerely hope this solitary reasoning does not stand isolated but is recognized to have worth within the promises found in the Bible. I fear, however, using Scripture upon which to draw my argument, I would create further unrest. So, I will comfortably place my justification of my love for my Creator in creation itself.

I am honored that you would seek my response. Thank you for your open mind, your questioning essence and your considerate responses [I could only imagine the myriad responses you ‘could’ have given]. Thank you.

Now whether or not this dialogue had any affect on thewordofme or not, I have journeyed through a revitalized appreciation of creation and a continued love for my Creator.

Stop by his site, read, think and respond. I’m inspired by his inquest and analysis of difficult topics such as religion, and I truly appreciate his rhetoric. I can only speak for myself, but I think you’ll enjoy the intellectually and spiritually stimulating read!

//countdown to launch 17 more posts to go


2 thoughts on “The love of a creature {18/25}

  1. cathi stegall,

    Thank you for your very kind post.

    First let me say thank you for your kindness in slaving over a hot computer :-), no seriously, for taking the time to reply. My expectations are whatever you would want to answer. I don’t mean this to be anything like a debate, just two people talking about controversial topics, no score being kept. I am not a ‘real’ student at a school or anything, just someone who got interested in a fascinating subject and now spends a lot of hours learning. Not just this subject alone though—so I am seriously, not an expert.

    I like to hear someone else’s answers to questions that I have thoughts about, and I know that people often want to talk about their thoughts. I know I like to speak to others.

    Do you know about any of the debate going on about creation science, intelligent design, Noah’s flood, Darwin, genealogy, DNA, the trinity, etc.?
    Maybe at some point when you have time you could write about some of the debated subjects on your blogsite and notify me when you do. Again, no pressure, only if you want to.
    I get pretty good feedback when I write something controversial, but the more conversation the better.

    Do you believe in the Trinity?
    Do you think Darwin is wrong?
    Have you heard that there are now two large DNA/Genome studies showing we all came from Africa?
    Did Noah really leave a big boat on top of Turkey’s Mt. Ararat?
    As always I appreciate your time and thoughts.

  2. I’m so glad to see you again! And you’re very welcome. I suppose I was a bit hesitant b/c the last thing I’d want to seem like is a rude, pious, arrogant “butt-head” who calls herself a Christian just to get a rise out of people. So, thank you.
    Regarding the topic suggestions, I’d love to pursue them…however, right now, while I’m in grad school, blogging is my “down time”. I may reserve it to this summer, but I would certainly consider it!
    Thanks again for the amazing dialogue. I felt like we respected each other’s views and honored each other in the process…it was good! Let’s do it again sometime!

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