flakey-film-speed shopping – aka: a 20 min makeover {17/25}

Well, this week has been odd from the beginning. Classes were canceled multiple times – once for the debates and again for the congregate multitude of snow flakes causing issues on the roadways. So, it is merely natural that things could only get more complicated as the week continues.

I woke up in quite the rush, so I threw on a relaxed outfit: wool pants, a “save the planet” t-shirt, a jean blazer and some comfortable shoes. Well, little did I know that a film crew would be at the college tonight. oh.junk.

The Director of Education gently asked me, “Is that what you’re wearing tonight?” I guess that was my ever-so-slight hint to get in my car, run to the store and grab the first outfit I saw. It turned out just fine, but I’m now looking into the new career of speed-shopping.



savetheplanet.jpg canvas.jpg





//countdown to launch 16 more posts to go


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