Tribe won 10-8…but I cheated

We celebrated the home-opener victory at the college by donning our Indians gear and feasting on hotdogs and Cracker Jacks – how nostalgic.
I’m sad to admit that I’ve only been a true baseball fan for 2 years now, so when I received this quiz from the students on my Tribe erudition, I had to cheat and consult my good friend and baseball extraordinaire, Sir Google.  go-tribe.jpg
Here’s the Indians Quiz I was given:

  1. What was the name of Cleveland’s baseball team in 1904?
    1. Broncos
    2. Naps
    3. Indians
    4. Blues
  2. What is a nickname for the Cleveland Indians?
    1. The Cardiac Kids
    2. The Tribe
    3. Those Bums
    4. Miracle Men
  3. Who was the youngest player to ever play for the Indians?
    1. Jim Malley
    2. Bob Feller
    3. Gary Azotea
    4. Aaron Laffey
  4. Which Indian had the first stolen base at Jacob’s Field?
    1. Ormar Vizquel
    2. Kenny Lofton
    3. Manny Ramirez
    4. Julio Franco
  5. Who has the nickname “Rocket Robert”?
    1. Bob Howry
    2. Shin-Soo Choo
    3. Bob Feller
    4. Bobby Jenks
  6. What years did the Tribe win the World Series?
    1. 1919, 1945
    2. 1948, 1959
    3. 1920, 2004
    4. 1920, 1948
  7. Who is the owner of the Indians?
    1. Terry Doman
    2. Larry Dolan
    3. John Jacobs
    4. Carlos Baerga
  8. Who was the last Indian to be awarded Rookie of the Year?
    1. Joe Charbonneau
    2. Jim Thome
    3. Sandy Alomar
    4. Bob Feller
  9. Which Indian hit 2 home runs in the same inning, 1 from the right and 1 from the left?
    1. Albert Belle
    2. Roberto Alomar
    3. Carlos Baerga
    4. Mike Hargrove
  10. In the 1995 ALCS, which player scored all the way from 2nd base on a wild pitch?
    1. Mike Hargrove
    2. Cy Young
    3. Eric Wedge
    4. Kenny Lofton
  11. What year was Cleveland Municipal Stadium Built?
    1. 1994
    2. 1890
    3. 1932
    4. 1940
  12. Which Indian had the first hit in Jacob’s Field?
    1. Kenny Lofton
    2. Terry Shepherd
    3. Albert Belle
    4. Sandy Alomar

back by popular demand

So the premiere of The New Sweatpants Dance, which debuted on Facebook just 24 hrs ago, has been a tremendously huge success! For those of you who think Facebook is for heathens, kids or idiots {or all of the above} or if you just think Facebook’s a waste of time, well, sad to say, you missed this remarkable event!

No worries though, here’s your opportunity – join me in this three-step dance, inspired from a real-life event {background music not necessarily required – dance to the beat of your own drum.}

Warning: A small caveat for those of you who may attempt this succession of gregarious steps, it might end up looking like a catastrophic modernization of Thriller

Note to J-Lo: This dance is the property of Cathi Stegall, any unauthorized use or reproduction of this dance without compensation will result in a year’s supply of Glow.

step 1

…and two…

…and three! Altogether Now!!!

porta-potty anyone?

Right now, I’m running from site to site, book to book, article to article like a marathon runner praying for a bathroom break. However, in my research, I came across this quote:

Important note! – If you’re reading this, thank a teacher. If you’re reading this in English, thank our veterans.

Indeed, this makes me feel a little bit better than the previous quote from my last post

diagnosis: test anxiety

orientation: self in office the night before an exam

word comprehension: low
mental/cognitive status: “mediocre”

physical functioning: moderate

attention span: easily distracted by noises, kittens and hallucinations of an oncoming train in the form of a multiple choice engine w/ a true & false kaboose

recent and remote memory: low functioning

judgment: obviously impaired

guidelines for evaluating test-anxiety as a disability

decisions, decisions, decisions

What are you going to do???

Are you Hungry?
Are you Emotional?
Are you Angry?
Are you Lonely?
Well, the best advice I have ever received about making wise decisions came from the lips of the most wonderful woman in my life: my mom, a.k.a., “joj”.
She has always said that I should never make a big decision when I’m wallowing in one of the above feelings. Nice. And to make this invaluable counsel even better, it plays into a fine looking acronym.