a “family” portrait {15/25}

Since I started back to grad school, I’m happy to say that the people with whom I spend a bulk of my time are both lovely and fascinating. We planned a brunch for today [i.e., a light get-together outside of the classroom – fathom that…a personal life!].

So, let me introduce you to those who were able to attend [a meager showing for our first extracurricular activity but good nonetheless]….

from left to right:

First, we have John. John is the only guy in our cohort, thus responsible to wholly represent the entire male population. Tough job, but he does it very well. As heavy as this responsibility may weigh, he has a keen sense of keeping things real. I told him that I could see him as the big whig in an organization, yet instead of sitting behind his pious desk, he’d be sitting beside his clients…”keeping it real”.

Tori is the einstein of the class with a fantastic smile. A recent graduate of Miami University, Tori brings well-thought, phenomenal insight and a strong psychological perspective to the class. No doubt, she’s going to be the brains behind a very huge agency someday.

Steph O. has to be one of the kindest individuals I know. Her compassion and empathy will carry her very far in this career – she embodies our ethics. She has a passion for what she does and makes each person feel so incredibly valuable…so, if you’re having a bad day, have Steph on speed dial!

Sue, good heavens, she’s amazing too! As an experienced social work practitioner, she is the individual in the class who brings the practical knowledge, making everything more applicable. We’ve often said she and Tori could team-teach half of our courses! And her heart is as big as Texas!

Then there’s me…shocker, eh.

a “family” portrait

So, there you have it, you’ve been introduced to a third of my classmates…seeing that we planned this shin-dig on Thursday, the response rate wasn’t too shabby.

I just love these guys.

//countdown to launch 14 more posts to go


2 thoughts on “a “family” portrait {15/25}

  1. You neglected to mention the beauty on the far right. She’s my friend – she’s a woman of strong faith in God, deep convictions, and never speaks until after her first cup of coffee (or later).

  2. @joj: I’d venture to say that my mom may have something good to say about her baby daughter…and I’m so glad she did!
    And isn’t coffee the greatest invention EVER!?!?!

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