’cause that’s how i roll {14b/25}

So, I’m finally getting my bearings back after re-installing the ends of the earth back onto my macbook…therefore, I’ve finally updated my blogroll [eliminating the un-updated folks and adding the currently reading] and also included a new section, sharing the blogs I read regarding social welfare issues…all good stuff. This is certainly a work in progress, for finding things you generally stumble upon isn’t easy the second time around. Thanks for those of you who sent your links my way as a “refresher”.

Enjoy the new linkage [in no particular order…except the first one, of course!]…

blogroll.png = blogroll1.png & blogroll2.png

gently reiterating: This is a work in progress. Therefore, if you’re looking at these registers and you don’t see your name in the collective index of the way I roll, just drop me a line, and we’ll get to the bottom of it. promise.


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