God’s silence {11/25}

Can I be trusted with God’s silence?

Well, this challenge to write a post every day until we launch has brewed some thoughts…however, due to the fact that today was filled w/ studying, writing papers and doing laundry, I’m kicking it back to a learning moment I had in days past, recorded in my journal, and is still sitting w/ me today.

……………July 21, 2005……………

Isn’t it interesting to think of past prayers we so vigorously prayed for years ago?  “God, please let me marry so-and-so; I just can’t live w/o him!” or “God, if I don’t get accepted in this school, I’ll just die.” “Lord, please provide the money I need for this.”  “God, please heal my mom.”…“please take away this pain”… “please help me feel accepted…”  Sometimes it’s the whole silence thing that gets me.  I want God to say, “Ok, Cathi” or “not right now” or “this isn’t best for you…I’ve got something better”…but listen to what I read today by Oswald Chambers, “Some prayers are followed by silence b/c they are wrong, others b/c they are bigger than we can understand…It will be a wonderful moment when we stand before God and find that the prayers we clamored for in early days and imagined were never answered, have been answered in the most amazing way, and that God’s silence has been a sign of the answer”…this is the best part… “If we always want to be able to point to something and say, ‘This is the way God answered my prayer,’ God cannot trust us yet w/ His silence”…

…I want to be honorable with the quietness of a compassionate and loving Savior…just sitting on His lap, His huge, carpenter-like, warm arms wrapped around me, my head on His sheltering chest…listening to the silence…

 //countdown to launch 10 more posts to go


4 thoughts on “God’s silence {11/25}

  1. i love this cathi…it really spoke to me. i’ve had many conversations through the years with God about just this…”why won’t You answer me?” “just send me a sign”.. that sort of thing! though i’ve moved away from the church and religion I grew up with, I’ve found Nature to be the most powerfully spiritual place of all for me. While sitting on a rock facing Lake Erie, or taking a hike through a quiet trail in the Metroparks, God definitely is there with me- in the trees and the wind and the sun and the birds (and the sleet and mud and dreariness too!)- and I’ve come to realize with time that God will answer my prayers in His own way. And sometimes that IS with Silence. -marjie

  2. @marjie: how beautifully poetic. Thanks for sharing – b/c I completely agree. Isn’t it amazing how the wind can speak to your soul? There’s a Bible passage that talks about God speaking louder than a hurricane yet still can speak in a still small voice. mmmm…I like that.
    This weekend, I had a friend say that God answers prayers 3 different ways: Yes, No and You’ve got to be kidding me! 🙂
    Oh, how true that is!
    You are loved!

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