snow day {9/25}

we have school snow days.

we have work snow days.

I think this constitutes a blogging snow day…


//countdown to launch 8 more posts to go


2 thoughts on “snow day {9/25}

  1. You should’ve been in Chicago this winter. We’ve had a grand total of 50 inches of snowfall this year alone. I’m so tired of the cold and snow. Which is sad because I used to love the snow…until I moved North. Nothing stops for the snow…not even if you get 8-10 inches at once. The plows just come rolling through and everybody goes on like it was never even there. Just takes all the fun out of it! LOL!!Oh, I miss the south!!! LOL!!!!

  2. @April….I know you and your little girl have to look so adorable bundled up – a family of snow bunnies!
    But it’s time for the up-and-up…10 more days until spring! 🙂
    Love you!

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