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One of the greatest lies we believe is that we are the only one going through a certain situation, i.e., isolation. We were not meant to live in seclusion.
Mark Stegall

John Bell, Co-creator of, mirrors this statement when he says that sometimes the two most important words for a person to say are “Me Too,” and that sometimes, all someone needs to hear is “You Don’t Have To Live Like This” in order to help them change their life.
I recently came across, which is a Community-Based Online Help source. It is “user submitted content to encourage conversation, help and education on the subjects of addiction, depression, eating disorders, self injury and suicide”.
Today, is exactly that – an online community open to conversation while supplying real help on the issues. The overall goal behind heartsupport is that the stories shared through the website will not only show people they are not alone in their struggles, but that they can become empowered, overcome them and help others along the way.
It’s a non-prof, 501c3 – so, consider donating, consider interning, consider the opportunities to use this metal box [aka: computer] that consumes hours of our day as a tool to help people heal rather than an object that merely reflects our constant state of self-absorption.

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