…just the beginning…

We launched.

Church of the Hills

It was a fantastic success.

Welcome back to the life of early morning Sundays [context…see Mark’s post]!!!

even *bucks is closed at 6 am on Sundays!

Mark & Randy


More pics to come. So keep posted!

But while you’re waiting, check out the letter the lead pastor of our sponsoring church sent to the people they’re sending from their own congregation to Church of the Hills as local missionaries.

Here’s a glimpse of Rick’s letter…

As I thought about those of you who are heading to Church of the Hills from CVC, I am so grateful. I am sad like a parent who sends a child off to college…

…I believe that you faithful, passionate servants are truly heroes in the Kingdom of God….

….You are church planting missionaries…

…I am indeed grateful for you. I couldn’t be prouder of you. You truly have wonderful, godly, gifted volunteer and staff leadership at COTH. What a team you are and will be. Please know that I will be praying for you – that your faithfulness and fruitfulness will exceed that of CVC…

Want to see how to be externally focused? This certainly is one way to do it!


2 thoughts on “…just the beginning…

  1. Church of the Hills is AMAZING!

    It is a credit to CVC, and specifically to the leadership there, that they have taken on the missionary vision and launched C/TH. I am both touched and surprised at the encouragement you are receiving! Kudos to Rick Duncan, CVC and to the mission planters at C/TH.

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