like steamed milk and espresso.

Well, the weekend’s over.
Family came.
Launch happened.
Family left.
Longer version?
Well, after the initial wonder of surprising Mark by having Matt come into town with his parents, we spent the past 72 hours mixing family time and church launching activities. As challenging as it may sound, it was fascinatingly fun. Teamwork and family go hand-in-hand – a bit like steamed milk and espresso…they’re good on their own but even better together as a latte!
Sunday, how’d it go? Well, we left the house a bit after six. Stopped by our faithful friend, Starbucks. However, she wasn’t so faithful – she doesn’t open until 7 on Sundays. We settled for another venue for our de rigueur caffeine fix.
Next stop – Panera Bread. Panera is generously donating their plethora of sweet goodness to Church of the Hills’ Connection Café. How punnigly sweet.
Set up went smoothly.
50 volunteer staff and leadership gathered at 8:30 in the auditorium to pray.
People from all over the nation joined to help pull this together: local missionaries from CVC, mission teams from Concord, Tennessee and University of Massachusetts as well as people from New Jersey and yes, Florida, joined in the fun. Even Mark’s parent’s church in West Palm took time before their worship service to pray for the launch. Talk about the body of Christ!
Well, if you gauge success in smiles, we did it! From the parking lot attendants, welcome team, care team, hospitality team, children’s team…there were smiles, around every corner!
If you gauge success in responses to the Talk, we had many verbal and written responses!
If you gauge success in numbers, we had 227 people there…we even had to use the overflow in the bleachers. However, when you ask a mom or dad how their family is doing, do they say, “We’re great, there are five of us!” Nope. So, as pleased as we are about the numbers, we’re much more pleased at the responses in people.
Now that we’ve launched, we have many more Sunday mornings in our future at Church of the Hills.
If you can make it out, come join us – Every Sunday Morning @ 10am – we’ll be there!


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