SPRING into action

While looking for opportunities to volunteer this summer, I came across volunteermatch.org This site is nothing short of A-ma-zing. Just enter your zip code and within a few cyber-seconds, you’ll be introduced to a plethora of opportunities to bequeath more than your money or fleeting thoughts – yes, faster than you can change your Twitter status! You can even specify the distance and your interest area. I entered my zip code and got nearly 400 opportunities to volunteer. Now that’s just beautiful!


4 thoughts on “SPRING into action

  1. Cathi,

    Thanks for shouting out to your readers about VolunteerMatch. We love supporters like you!

    Since 1998 we’ve focused on building the best place on the Web to find really meaningful volunteer experiences that speak to YOU. Is it working? With more than 1 million members, we hope so. And now your readers can get involved too.

    See you on the Web!

    Robert Rosenthal
    VolunteerMatch Team

  2. @kelly: Oh luv-muffin, I’m only made out of sunshine b/c you are made out of gum-drops! I’m glad you found something – let’s try to do one of these together, and maybe we’ll be able to see each other more than every 5 months!

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