Watch out World, here comes Julie!!!

My best friend from good ol’ West Palm has finally graced the “www” with her effervescent soul. Watch out world, here comes Julie!!!
Our story is one worth noting. However, a simple post would never do it justice. In short, here’s the spillage:

  • Julie lived in Cleveland and volunteered at 707.
  • Cathi lived in Cleveland and worked at 707.
  • Julie and Cathi had mutual friends but never even knew about the existence of the other.
  • Julie moved to West Palm for a job in radio.
  • A few months later, Cathi moved to West Palm to act as familial superheroes w/ Mark.
  • Cathi and Julie ran into each other at 10fifteen in West Palm and hence, the beginning of a wonderful camaraderie when they finally realized they were separated at birth

You’re welcome.
In short-er, you need to know Julie…she has a heart that lives out love and mercy locally and globally through her ministry that opens the doors to her unremitting and relentless passion to reach inner-city families. She knows how to make a day full of manure droppings smell like bubble gum and jelly bellies. She’s a fierce event planner and an even greater web researcher. She’s known for her stellar hugs and is one of the greatest radio personalities to grab the reigns of the intangible “on-air” presence. So, the fact that Julie Stein has finally unlocked the vault of her thoughts to this wonderful blogging community, well, be excited and be forewarned; you won’t be disappointed.


5 thoughts on “Watch out World, here comes Julie!!!

  1. wonderful camaraderie*

    *friend, sister, encourager, rommate, landlady, laughing, tinkeling, tears, transitions, Bible Study, Coldstone, safe vault, honest, dreams die, dreams birthed, standing on the promises, Pahokee, picnics, concerts, stretching soup, hurricanes, surprise breakfast on my birthday, hand written letters, theo-illogical conversations, phone tag, first fridays, fishy memory, tea, united – you relocated – now seperated – together in Ohio for a moment, together forever in my heart (cheesy I know – leve me alone)

    being known, being accepted, being loved,
    wonderful camaraderie – indeed

  2. What about “watch out little bubble of Julie’s friends who know her and love her and laugh with and at her?”….
    What about that??
    Thanks for the laughs and the chat tonight… if I knew how I would link or something like that somehow..
    and my page does not have www in front of it … just http:

    Holla to the people*

    *people who already know me….

    Holla, Hi, Hiya, or Hola… OHHH Howdy…

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