back by popular demand

So the premiere of The New Sweatpants Dance, which debuted on Facebook just 24 hrs ago, has been a tremendously huge success! For those of you who think Facebook is for heathens, kids or idiots {or all of the above} or if you just think Facebook’s a waste of time, well, sad to say, you missed this remarkable event!

No worries though, here’s your opportunity – join me in this three-step dance, inspired from a real-life event {background music not necessarily required – dance to the beat of your own drum.}

Warning: A small caveat for those of you who may attempt this succession of gregarious steps, it might end up looking like a catastrophic modernization of Thriller

Note to J-Lo: This dance is the property of Cathi Stegall, any unauthorized use or reproduction of this dance without compensation will result in a year’s supply of Glow.

step 1

…and two…

…and three! Altogether Now!!!


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